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MTN Innovation Challenge 2 is open to individuals or teams who live and/or operate in Cyprus. Our objective is to support creative entrepreneurship, hence the competition is by definition open to all young entrepreneurs, who have started or are about to start. On the contrary, established companies (with registered activity of more than 2 years from the time of their registration in the competition) are not eligible to participate. The same applies for MTN employees (individuals or team members).

Your business idea can fall into any of the three categories which are Education, Tourism or Business Productivity.

This is entirely up to you! There are no restrictions in the programming language nor in the frameworks to be used for the development of your idea. The only restriction that applies is for integrating to the SDP, where you will have to implement the SDP APIs which are defined within ParlayX or REST protocol. All SDP API technical specifications can be found here (sdp-api.rar, 6.5MB).

You are free to decide. The MTN Innovation Challenge 2 awards will be given to the teams presenting the best business ideas. You can use the awarded amount to outsource the development of your idea to a third party and cover the expenses. In this case, you will remain the contact person/team in the MTN Innovation Challenge 2 contest.

All participants who successfully registered to MTN Innovation Challenge 2, will receive an automated confirmation e-mail. Similarly, all teams that successfully submitted their Business Idea in Phase A, will also be informed via e-mail. The contestants, whose proposals have been evaluated as eligible to participate in the Pitch of Phase A, will receive an e-mail, so as to present in front of the Judges on the 5th of August. On the 10th of August 2015, the three finalists will once again be contacted, while their names will be announced at the MTN Innovation Challenge website. At all cases, the MTN Innovation Challenge Coordination team will use the contact details provided during registration.

Will I have the opportunity to pitch my business idea?

Of course! If your team is eligible to participate in the MTN Innovation Challenge 2, by the end of phase A you will have the opportunity to pitch your Business Idea.

A pitching session on the 5/8 will be organized where the judges will be there to hear what you have to say. In addition, for the three finalists who will be given the opportunity to develop their idea, a second session will be organized on the 30/9, where they will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their final deliverable, the prototype of their business idea. More details on the two sessions will be announced in due course.